Pictured Rocks Kayak Tours

Take a kayak tour of Pictured Rocks Lakeshore

DA YAK SHAK offers single person kayak tours to paddle the Pictured Rocks Lakeshore.  Our boats are extremely stable and we provide a guide, the equipment and delivery.

About our Kayak


We use Jackson Kayak's 16' Kraken

These kayaks are for one person and are extremely stable. Originally intended for open water fishing, these kayaks are designed to handle the harshest conditions. Due to their fishing heritage, they are designed for comfort and stability first and speed second. That said, you will not be the fastest on the water, and it does take just a tad bit more effort to paddle, but your comfort is not sacrificed, making the trade-off well worth it. The open, self-bailing concept of these kayaks allow for tons of freedom to move around, get in and out easily, stretch and the boat will not fill or hold water.  The premium seat is practically a lawn chair in size and is said to be the most comfortable in the kayak business, something that is very important when you are sitting for close to 5 hours. 

How our tours work


We meet you at Miners Beach with your Kayak and gear

We deliver your kayak, paddle, and life vest to Miners Beach where you will start your paddle. Your tour is for approximately 5 hours and that allows plenty of time to see all of the highlights along the way and also time to stop and relax at Mosquito Beach for lunch or a snack. 


Paddle along the cliffs and enjoy the scenery

There is a 6 kayak maximum for each guide, so there will only be a maximum of 6 people for each pod of kayaks.  You will paddle at a moderate pace, slowing down to enjoy the cliffs and caves and get lots of pictures along the way.


Petit Portal

Close to 4 miles from your start point at Miners Beach is Petit Portal. It is commonly confused with Grand Portal. However, unlike Grand Portal, you can paddle through it.  This is approximately a 2 hour paddle.


Explore Petit Portal

Once you have been through the arch, it is a good turning point to head back towards Miners Beach.


Mosquito Beach Rest Stop

About one mile from Petite Portal (3 miles from Miners Beach) is Mosquito Beach. Here you can beach the kayak and take a small hike to the campground area and relax for awhile before heading back to Miners Beach. 


Head back towards Miners Beach

Paddle 3 miles from Mosquito Beach back to Miners Beach where we will end the tour. We will then take care of your kayak and gear.

What is expected of you

Be in good physical shape

You do not have to be an athlete to paddle this trip, but you do need to be  in good enough physical shape to paddle 8 miles. Kayak experience is required. We encourage those that are not experienced to try the AuTrain River first and get a feel for being on the water in a kayak.

Bring plenty of water and food

You will be gone for 5 hours and will need at least 4 bottles of water and snacks to keep you energized. It is never bad to have more than enough.

Dress Appropriately

The temperature is typically 10 degrees cooler on the lake than it is on land, so it is important that you bring layers accordingly.  Due to entry and exit of your kayak, your feet will get wet, so bring footwear that can handle getting wet and provide good traction.

Have any questions?

Please give us a call at (906) 202-1316 and we can answer any questions or concerns.

Weather Cancellations

We monitor the weather via NOAA daily and if it is not recommended that we put you on the water, you will receive a full refund. In this unfortunate instance, we will try and reschedule you. We do have alternatives for you such as paddling the AuTrain River, which is unaffected by weather on DA Big Lake.

Other Cancellations

In the event that you need to cancel, you do have up to 48 hours to cancel for a full refund. If you cancel within that window, we will try and re-rent your spot and if successful, we will give a full refund. Sorry, No refunds for cancellations the day of your paddle. In the event that you start your paddle and do not feel comfortable to continue, we will offer you a free AuTrain River Paddle.